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A verb used to describe someone who walks strangely.
'That person is walking very catawampus through that paddy field'
by Raith Potterson January 13, 2008
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An wild creature that lives in the forst and eats children. It lives near people who camp and is like Bigfoot but bigger and has a temper. The only way to possible calm it down is to speak polish. Signs of the catawampus include but not limited to: howls, unknown footprints, dead animals, scratching on doors or windows, fallen trees and missing children. Warning they are smart and attracted to fire, do NOT insult it or it will come for you
"Look, i think i found some catawampus tracks"
by DaDoctor April 27, 2014
A word a bunch of faggots use on the internet because they have no life such as TwIsTeD.CoM and HOWDOUGETSLICED.
LoL CATAWAMPUS I think I am cool because I can use the word CATAWAMPUS
by Michael's stalker January 28, 2008

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