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Catanic Panic is an experimental musical band practicing the aesthetic principles of art and science.

Catanic kah-tan-ick serial behavior involving cats and the role playing of their physical attributes

also called: "Catanic Worship" - merchant which includes the sale of Catanic Panic novelties, mp3's and CD's
ex: Catanic Panic is a band "Emerging from the RP (Role Play) dominion Alexis Pena Goco adopted the name Catanic as a reference to an insatiable desire to emulate cats which was bred from his fixations earlier in life to wear dark clothing and ravenous locked hairstyles while bewildered by the after shock of the 1960's/70's during the 1980's when his formative times were spent reclusive and absorbed into the alternative styles of art, music and clothing..."
by Arty Caboodle September 03, 2011

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