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Taco meat often used by taco bell.
Wow thats one yummy taco, hope its not cat meat again.
#taco #taco bell #cats #cat #meat #cat meat
by poeforshow44 December 14, 2010
Food made with Cat, not of Oriental delicacy.

Microwaved Kitten, Hot Pocket Kit Kat, Hampurrrrger, Toaster Kitten Strudels.

I want Cat Meat, I want Liver, Oven, Oven Please Deliver.

Persymphony made some bangin' Cat Meat.

35 Seconds, and I kitten sent to Heaven, Feel the heat, Eat that Cat Meat!
#persymphony #food #hot pockets #hampurger #oven
by Anonymouse SC Raider April 12, 2008
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