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The act of putting your arm in a swamp in the hopes of attracting a catfish to attach itself to your fist so that you can later eat it (usually performed by rednecks) after performing this act it is not unusual for the participant's hands to be bloodied
Jim- Why is your arm so scratched up?
Jeff- I was cat fisting.
by Landon Morehead December 08, 2008

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-fishing for catfish using only bare hands
-fisting a cat
I went catfisting the other day, and caught a catfish
by anuskamikaze April 06, 2012
Fishing for catfish using only your bare arm. Also commonly referred to as noodling.
That's a monster fish, how did you catch him? Hook and Line?

No, I did it by catfisting him.
by wijim June 13, 2012