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A phrase that is uttered, in conversation. It originates from the idea that a professional gambler takes a nihilist approach when gambling.

1. It usually refers to an unpredictable yet calculated or expected loss, mostly but not always, in reference to a greater good.

2. It can also refer to a loss that is perceived by the loser as a loss, but in reality is neither a loss nor a win, perhaps it could be perceived as fate.

3. It is popularly used by gamers when pwning noobs.
1. Prost "Hey, you know, in order to come second in our last race, I had to push the car to its limits, and this morning the engine blew up during practice."

Senna "Casualties of the Dice Game!"

2. Prost "Oh man, you know, one day we're going to die."

Senna "Well, Casualties of the Dice Game."

3. Noob "Oh Fuck You! You cheap..."

Game "Pro has slain Noob."
Pro "Casualties of the Dice Game."
by Donbariu November 10, 2011
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