Stories of vampire hunters whose destiny is to hunt the evil Count Dracula, by penetrating the dark castle known as Castlevania---The Count's Castle.
Castlevania always ends up crumbling after the count is easily defeated.
by Delf June 22, 2003
Top Definition
The best fuckin' game in the world.
Whoa, this is a sweet game!
by Juavlin May 18, 2003
A video game based on the basic storyline that the Lord of Darkness, Dracula, is going to take over the world and the player must navigate his/her way through his castle and defeat him. This game has spawned many sequels, prequels and is very popular, because it can be played on the Playstation, the N64, the GameboyAdvance and various others.
Castlevania:Circle of the Moon is played on the GameboyAdvance.
by Jaken March 23, 2003
The best sidescrolling series ever. This game proves you don't need 32 km of viewing distance and radioactive HDR on the real-time foilage to be fun. This series revolves around a vampire hunter defeating dracula. That's the basic premise, you go through Dracula's castle fighting zombies and creatures and all types of badass monsters. Tight control, badass weapons, deep gameplay with awesome moves, kickass sprite animations, one of the best soundtracks in videogame history. All of the games in this series kickass(excluding the dogshit 3D ones which have no right to bear the name Castlevania and Castlevania 2).

Some other series match it such as Super Mario Bros. and Metroid, but this game is the epitomy of what makes a videogame good.
My favorite one is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon on the gameboy advance.
by aldwardo October 25, 2006
(1)Video game series created by Konami. Players battle undead creatures and Demons on their way to fight Count Dracula. (2)Name of Dracula's castle in the series. His castle can change it's look, inside and out, as it wishes.
by Julius owns Richter! June 20, 2003
A good game for the many consoles that are out today.
My favorite character is Alucard, The Son of Dracula.
by Eric Neece July 04, 2005
*The castle in Transylvania.
*One of Konami's greatest masterpieces! ^.^
You want a real example of Castlevania? Play the game series!!
by Dave January 15, 2004
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