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An indie game on the xbox 360 that is based off of the popular sandbox game made by Notch at Mojang, minecraft. There are two separate games and they are based off survival and creative. Everything is 1 meter sized cubes that represent different items in the world such as stone, dirt, wood, etc. You can craft tools, weapons and other things to help you survive or decorate your world. There are different biomes such as Plains, Mountains, Stone, Mountains, valleys, etc. 80-240 MSP.
Person 1: "What the piss? Are you playing a lego game on xbox?"

Person 2: "Stfu, its not legos! Its called CastleMiner and its fun you stupid piece of shit!

Person 3: "Hey look its a cheap rip off of MC on the xbox!"
by ChewyBuoyEel April 28, 2012