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A very awesome place located in Douglas County, Colorado between Denver and Colorado Springs. It is bisected by Interstate 25 and is home to around 50,000 people. Castle Rock is an extremely nice and beautiful place to live since it is located in the hills directly adjacent to Colorado's high mountain ranges. The downtown is historic, extremely well-kept and very charming and nice. Even better is the rock-capped butte (The "Castle Rock") that rises from the northeast side of downtown. In the winter, a star is lighted at night atop "The Rock."

It often snows more than in Denver and Colorado Springs and is a bit cooler in summer due to the higher elevation, and it is also quite windy year-round but the wind is only a small negative aspect when compared to the numerous positives.

Many residents, specifically teenagers, complain endlessly that there's "nothing to do" in Castle Rock because it's "boring." Let me tell you, Castle Rock is only boring if you make it boring. Hiking up the rock and taking in the view never gets old. Sure, there isn't much to do as far as man-made entertainment, but all that is only a 20-minute drive north to Lone Tree. For stuff do do, get off your lazy ass and explore the Colorado wilderness that is your backyard because you're lucky to have it compared to someone who lives in a REAL boring place like Kansas.

I love Castle Rock!
Person from Aurora: Man, I wish I lived in Castle Rock. It's so flat and dull on the plains. You can actually see the mountains from Castle Rock!
by tvaz January 03, 2011
The shittiest town on the map. It is in Washington state. Everyone there is on meth, they are all liars, backstabbers and theives! Dont ever go there. You will be doing nothing but wasting your time, or just looking to become the newest meth head/crack whore in the town!
Girl: Im thinking of moving to Castle Rock.
Boy: Why? You wanting to become a 90 pound meth head?
by an_x_castlerock_resident August 19, 2008

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