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A party where all the participants hold a bottle of alcohol (Mad Dog, Jack Daniels, Tequila,...) in their hand and then wrap it in tape - so much tape that it looks like their hand and wrist look like they are wearing a cast. White tape - especially white Hockey tape - is the best to use. It holds tight when wet, and really looks like a cast when enough is applied.

Once the "cast" has been applied, the bottle is opened, and the cap is thrown away. The bottle can only be removed when it has been emptied. By the time that happens, doing a "high five" with someone else (using their cast hand) is typically the method of celebration. Cut and sliced hands are not uncommon - but you're so wasted it doesn't matter!

Note: If you are a "pro" you can cast BOTH hands! This brings in certain factors. Most immediate is recruiting someone when you have to pee. Usually this is your girlfriend, though anyone of the opposite sex will do. This can start - or end - a relationship. This is a remarkably good icebreaker, especially if she is also wasted!
I was so wasted last weekend. I went to a casting party and woke up with broken glass in my hands.
by T-Reno December 05, 2010
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