N. An extremely potent form of ecstasy. People often become highly industrious when taking this drug and put roosters on their balconies while watching fish.
Dude, I just did an Adam, and it was amazing, I'm totally Cason right now, let's go watch fish!
by Prassel Peoples August 19, 2006
Top Definition
Cason is a boys name normally belonging to a unique individual. Its name meaning can be traced back to meaning "the end of women" which means in simple English "lady killer". Cason's are normally very popular, nice, athletic, funny, good looking and energetic. If you know a Cason chances are your friends with him. They are known for being a bit of a rebel always mucking around which makes it fun to be in the same class as one. Being a Cason means he will get all the beautiful girls. Cason is a truly awesome individual.
Girl: Who's that cute guy?
Girl2: That's Cason he's hot!
Girl: I know
by UrbanKingston June 27, 2011
An amazing guy. He's funny, sweet, and down to earth. He's kinda short, but he has the best smile. He loves friends and family. He also loves dogs. When you meet Cason, you know that you're going to fall for him. He is known for his astounding wit and amazing skills in sports. He has a lot of boyish charm, which makes being around him that much more enjoyable. He is popular and all the girls love him. He sometimes likes girls that he thinks are out of his reach, but in reality, he is out of their reach.
Girl: I don't get it! I can't stop thinking about Cason. He's just so perfect!
Girl 2: I think you're in love with him
by C loves123 November 11, 2013
A guy with a great sense of humor but can be jerky at times. He likes sports and is usually in a relationship.
Cason is so funny!
by LolTrueStory June 21, 2016
A guy that has an orange dick caused from having sex with too many girls.
Wow that guy on webcam has an orange dick; he must be Cason.
by OrangeDick March 26, 2011
death wagon. like the ones they used in the oregon trail days.
tim died and paw put him in the cason.
by woola July 10, 2008
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