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A sexual term: receiving oral sex without reciprocating
Dude! I just did the cash man in my intrepid last night!
by cash-man May 06, 2007
The act of being a "Cashman" is when one Vomits on ones genitals and the surrounding vicinity for amusement.
Look at that mess! I bet he's a right cashman...
by Meandawg27 October 18, 2010
one who is very sexy everyday. a cashman typically is known for their extremely good looks and is commonly heard saying "thats what she said". they are also known for being foto whores. most people imagine having sex with cashman or some kind of sexual act. most people find cashman's simply irrisitable.
Wow have you seen cashman? i cant help help but imagine sex with that hunk.

by Jim Canswim February 07, 2009
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