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Shitty town about 35 minutes south of Phoenix, AZ. Best known for having nothing fun to do ever and being the snowbird epicenter of the universe. If you're bored maybe see a movie in the dirty rat infested theater. Not your style? Try the redneck bowling lanes. Even better? Go find your favorite high school graduates kickin it with some freshman at Indian Hills.
Phoenix Kid 1: "Hey man there's a party in Casa Grande tonight!"
Phoenix Kid 2: "Where?"
Phoenix Kid 1: "Remember that one place we stopped to take a piss and you got herpes from the doorknob?"
Phoenix Kid 2: "Ohhhh, that's the place?"
by thearielle August 24, 2006
to be way smarter than anyone else, while others are jealous of your vibe.
Yo. That dude is so casagrande.

Yeah, I know. I wish I was, too.
by Abighouse June 06, 2007
a man with a very small penis, no life, and who is a gay faggot
Guy 1: Did you see that man?

Guy 2: Yah, he must be a casagrande.
by Aith Martinez May 30, 2009
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