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Located in Palm Harbor FL. The worst middle school ever. Filled with bratty rich kids who think that they are THE ONLY THING that matters. Filled with guys who only care about pantsing each other and screwing innocent girls over. Filled with girls who wear too much eyeliner and need to dye their roots blonde to match the rest of their hair. :)
Woah! That kid is messed up!, he must go to carwise middle school!
by 12457438955 December 29, 2010
The worst school ever. In Palm Harbor, FL. As easy as my Kindergarten classes and less homework then preschool. A good school is Cuyahoga Heights Schools in Cleveland, OH. Carwise SUCKS!!!
That kid is NOT right, so he must go to Carwise Middle School.
by girlthatgoestocarwise January 10, 2013
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