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CartesianTheist is a you tuber who has dedicated his account to the discussion of philosophical theology. His primary interests are in the a posteriori arguments for the existence of God. In particular he defends the cosmological, non-analogical teleological and moral arguments for God's existence.
In his own words:

"The God I am defending the existence of is the God described in Western philosophical literature. Here is Swinburne's nice summary:

"I take the proposition 'God exists' to be logically equivalent to 'there exists necessarily a person without a body who necessarily is eternal, perfectly free, omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly good, and the creator of all things'. I understand by God's being eternal that he always has existed and always will exist. By God's being perfectly free I understand that no object or event or state in any way causally influences him to do the actions that he does - his own choice at the moments of action alone determines what he does. By God's being omnipotent I understand that he is able to do whatever it is logically possible that he can do. By God's being omniscient I understand that he knows whatever it is logically possible that he know. By God's being perfectly good I understand that he always does a morally best action, and does no morally bad action. By his being the creator of all things I understand that everything that exists at each moment of time, he makes it exist, or permits it to exist."
'The Existence of God' p.7"

by socratesforthewin July 27, 2010