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Hair that is so matted down with hair products and teasing that it now resembles a carpet.

Ex. Scene kids, porn stars.
1: Ew do you see that girls hair?
2: Yeah, she totally had carpet hair, she should wash that shit.
by Hurry Durry May 30, 2010
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a buzz cut that's shorter than 1 inch
Ed: Why did you say that Andy has carpet hair?

Kelly: His hair looks like a piece of thread-bare wall to wall carpeting that was cut out and glued to his head.
by prairiefairy May 15, 2010
a person of african ancestry. black skin, wide nose, thick lips and when their frizzy hair is short enough, it feels like carpet to touch.

can also be known as shitskin, tar baby, inkface and thicklips.
Daniel: "Touch Ashleys hair, it feels like carpet."

Jesse: "I want to rub my ball sack on his his 'carpet hair'."
by uwjshdysbsbhgd October 09, 2008

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