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someone who behaves and dresses in a way intended to attract a lot of sexual interest from a man but who refuses to have sex with him
Did you see that Caro? I tried for weeks, but no luck
by tea_playa October 14, 2005
Another word for balls or testicles, to denote one of great courage and bravery. Named after a certain Caro, it must always have a capital letter.
That guy has some serious Caros
by mess2011 January 10, 2011
A Caro is someone who refuses to give up an awesome evening. A Caro enjoys life to the fullest, but always knows her priorities. She really likes them boys (and they like her), but when she finally find her true candybar, it will stick forever. A Caro is always a loyal and true friend, but just never ask what is truely going on in her head. It will always amaze you shockingly.
Please just stop being a caro. We all want to go home.
by marjooo August 26, 2015
n. A very selfish, highly volatile, self-centered person. Also usually associated with common mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, and often jealous. Occasionally, a caro may act classy, but usually simply acts as if the world revolves around him/her.
"Sorry, Jessica, I have to bail on our plans. I forgot it was my grandmother's birthday. I can't come over."
"Veronica!!! What the hell?! I don't care about your grandma and her stupid birthday! You promised you were coming over to watch movies and bake cookies today! You have to do it. I'm going to be miserable the whole day."
"Jessica, seriously, you're being a total caro. Stop. I'm sorry, but I can't."
"Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be a caro. I understand. Have fun!"
by omgcrazy March 30, 2010
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