An extremely beautiful girl who is very shy and doesn't believe she is stunning.
She had beautiful brown hair that she always styles amazingly.
She has gorgeous blue eyes that you could just stare into forever.
She is an incredible dancer and doesn't let anyone or anything stop her fro doing what she loves.
She often likes guys that don't like her back, but only because her beauty blinds them from her true potential, she is very shy so often doesnt talk to many boys, most of her friends are girls but she has a few very close boy friends.

Her figure is amazing yet she hates it so.
Most boys stop and stare as she walks past.
Very caring and kind person and would make an amazing long term girlfriend.
Jamie: Wow shes stunning.
Lewis: Thats Carla, ive been thinking about asking her out.
Jamie: No way dude! Shes gorgeous, im going to ask her.
by jamlove April 20, 2013
Carla is the Canadian Condom Fairy. She is considered a very kind and sweet person with as many hugs to give as she does condoms. You will be glad to have her in your life because the Condom Fairy isn't just for sex, she's for life.
'we can't have sex tonight Jane, I'm unprotected.'

'it's ok, Carla left a condom under my pillow this morning.'
by SilverLiner February 03, 2010
A way sweet girl who cares immensely about others. A unique beauty who doesn't even realize it...that is part of her charm. A good dancer when comfortable in her environment. Also, can be very feisty, so don't cross her path. Likes to perform sexual favors in exchange for chicken.
I pissed off my Carla... I had better stop at KFC on my way home.
by honeypants November 15, 2010
A name meaning man or manly.
Carla is very tomboyish.
by barbiedoesasbarbiedo January 30, 2008
Verb. The act of dividing something edible in equal portions on a platter at a party or barbecue. A true Carl-A is completed when the divider eventually ends up eating both portions he or she divided up.
Hans: Does anyone want this whole hamburger? If not, I'm going to Carl-A it.
Drew: Hey, you ate both pieces! I wanted the other half.
by J.Z.Romano August 26, 2008
Carla, usually a person who uncontrollably eats taco bell. Most of the time likes to buy boxers that are "cute". Carla will usually name in-animate objects like a car, mostly naming them "Wendy".
Holy Shit! I just saw Carla at Taco Bell. She was sitting there looking at her car she named Wendy.
by .Sometimes. January 02, 2011

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