When a party-goer grabs two beer cans, opens one then stacks the other beneath and holds the two by the middle thust creating a handle for two. When finished with the top one, you open the one on the bottom, and put a new one on the bottom.
Mark: "Johnny C is so damn lazy he has to grab two beers at once"

Rick: "Yeah, he really pounds them, they call it the Caretsky-can-stack"
by big tits tight ass May 05, 2010
when you are afraid of running out of beer at a party so you stack your pre-opened drinking beer on top of a full can and hold both at the same time while drinking
Hey Mike, i see your doing the caretsky can-stack, dont you know thats fuckin gay?

Theres two things that piss me off at a party, one is sloppy hos and two is the last beer that is always found in the average caretsky can-stack.
by dooty pants jr May 04, 2010

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