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A person (usually within the family environment) who maintains personal assistance to another who may suffer from, but is not limited to: a physical disability, mental illness, intellectual disability, or drug and/or alcohol dependency. There are no boundaries to the notion of 'caring' in this context as a large number of 'Carers' can be found throughout the globe in many different environments. Caring roles are often demanding and some services exist primarily for Carers, allowing them to 'have a break'. Support for Carers appears to be on the increase however a particular difficulty in the Human Service sector is reaching out to people who are 'unidentified carers'- those who maintain a caring role however are not aware that there is appropriate support available.
John has an acquired brain injury and is unable to perform a lot of daily personal tasks. His wife (Primary Carer) Julie assists him with tasks such as showering, grooming, and mobility.
by shaunoAUS June 09, 2009
one who cares
guitarded is a carer
by Anonymous October 02, 2002
An individual who (in the eyes of his / her social peers) actively avoids having an epic night out, thus endangering the social well-being of their peers.
A: Everyone's going out tonight, its going to be a massive session! Do you fancy it?

B: Unfortunately, I have a mild headache. Plus, I have to work late on this project I am overseeing.

A: Mate, You're such a Carer.
by Ledge_1980 October 09, 2014
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