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Last stop on the trainwreck express line for teams who are soooooo overrrated, they lose to football teams that are lucky to have enough in their budgets to afford uniforms. Town was named for one Edwin Cardona, the father of all bandwagon jumpers. Legend has it that after losing to the New York Jets in Super Bowl III, coach Don Shula proclaimed "What can I say, we were "Cardona'd". Mike Tyson himself, on losing to Buster Douglas, exclaimed "I don't think I was over confident or took Buster lightly, I just woke up this mornning and had the mark of the "Cardona"; I lost that fight before I even left my house."
Keith Jackson: "Whoa Nelly... I do believe that after losing to Div. II Appalachian State, Michigan has caught the last train to Cardonaville."
by robaphonic September 04, 2007
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