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A 30+ year old female of the Carbondale Area noted for overly tanned skin, whose recently crumbled long-term relationship has caused extreme whorish behavior, including banging their employees, getting people they have banged jobs with them, and generally acting like a typical bar fly slut. They also have an insatiable craving for Carbondale Clam Chowder.
Watercooler discussion at work:

Dude 1: "Yo, did you see how slutty Sally's dressed today?"
Dude 2: "Yeah, I mean, what the fuck is her deal anymore? She totally went fuck-crazy after she got power-dumped by that crack dealer she was shacked up with."
Dude 1: "Oh hell yeah. I'm gonna take her out for a drink after work. I'm gonna give that Carbondale Cougar the old Scranton Snowplow."
by Ass Reaper January 10, 2008
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