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The craving for JUST ONE MORE carb. Known to effect people even after they consume the smallest amount of high-density sugar. Once you start the slide into the carb munchies, there's no hope of stopping. You've just got to have more.
"Boy, I never should've added powdered sugar and chocolate syrup to my Frosted Flakes. Now I've got the carb munchies. Do we have any ice cream?"

"At first I wasn't that hungry. I was just going to have a bowl of rice. But then after that I saw some bread on the counter, so I decided to make a sandwich. Of course, I had to pop open a soda to go with it. Afterwords, I was still a little hungry, so I found a couple candy bars in the back of the pantry, but while I was back there I also found an opened bag of..."
by the_good_doctor July 02, 2012
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