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A person with an abnormally large head, the back of the head is often shaped like a caravan, thus the name caravan head.

The most famous example of a caravan head is a guy who lives in the UK, Lancashire Preston, and usually gets alot of abuse about his caravan head.
Look at his caravan head.

He's head is massive i think it's a caravan head.

If your head gets any bigger it'll be a caravan.
by Epic guy. January 18, 2011
a caravan head is when someone has a big head or an odd shaped head that looks like a caravan head
caravan head (jimbob)
by Papa Enoch August 22, 2012
An overweight gentleman who drinks too much and has the arse of a Transit Van and the head the size of a Caravan.
Caravan Head says: "do you mind if i sit in the front row?"

Normal headed guy says: "yes because i wont be able to see"
by PLUH765 August 25, 2010

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