A Fat version of a skinny kid.
That kid Thomas is such a Caputo.
by JimmyBobby August 04, 2007
Top Definition
The combination of cabron and puto
Stop being a Caputo and do it!
by Jaime Materno August 06, 2015
A squaky kid similar to a jew or a bluebird. often lacks friends and is considered by most birdwatchers to be a no life. spends his time taking pictures of himself in his room or bathroom and sees how he gets gayer over the years.
haha look at that no life, What a Joe Caputo
by GodisJewish July 10, 2008
A penny pincher ; quite similar to a jew. Also tends to have physical jew characteristics ie. jew fro, enlarged nose, gaudy fashion sense. commonly found hovering around bargin bins with coupons.
The kid eats in the dorm cafeteria everyday so he doesn't have to pay for lunch...what a caputo!
by uncle B August 14, 2006
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