Words used to describe a friend when they ask stupid questions that they definetly should know the answer to. A term used when you've already returned a friends belongings and they ask for their property.
Stephen: Cricket, do you have my cigarettes.
Cricket: Hello, I already gave them back to you, Captain dip shit!
by OtterChic April 08, 2006
Top Definition
1. The Captain of the Dipshits.

2. someone skilled enough in the art of being a dipshit that they are able to lead other dipshits into battle...
Certificatologist: "Way to go Captain Dipshit, you've done it again."

Midget: "Another hooker bites the dust."

Certificatologist: "You kilt her proppa wee man, you kilt her proppa..."
by Dr Todd Fuquad PhD June 18, 2006
the captain of all dipshits . when all dipshits gather in ceremony to religiously practice dipshiting. shit and dip .shit and dip. he becomes the leader of the pack. when he dies next dipshit in line takes his royal place.
1) hey captain dipshit weres the meeting tonite.

2) hey captain dipshit u forgot this.
by MSN 2007 July 23, 2009
One who is the biggest asspony of all. see also "asspony"
Great job kicking in the door, CaptainDipshit...it was unlocked.
by scittles October 08, 2003

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