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some crazy ass bitch and cluster fuck of a nude booty head
Captain Underpants: TRA LALALALAAAAH
by Kitty1017 March 06, 2010
6 18
Greatest superhero ever. Created by Dav Pilkey.
Captain Underpants says "Tra la laaaaa!
by Xarionis aka Omnivore December 13, 2003
324 53
a mild mannor high school principle, but when you snap your fingers he sheds his clothes, (minus underwear)to save the day. He was created by the author Dav Pilkey. captain underpants has numbious childrens books written about him.
captain underpants just gave that bad guy a wedgie.
your so cool your like captain underpants
by Vince Villella May 27, 2006
192 88