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1 - The name of the deadly virus from Stephen King's novel 'The Stand'; 2 - more commonly known in drug circles as a rough after-period following intense use.
1 - "Captain Trips killed almost all of America"; 2 - "Man, last night I was so high I woke up this morning next to Captain Trips!"
by A. Surge January 14, 2004
71 36
nickname for jerry garcia, lead singer of grateful dead
look at captain trips go on that guitar!! i miss jerry.
by headycheese February 20, 2006
42 19
evil overlord of YT.
captaintrips is fuckin' hilarious.
by psychoman364 December 10, 2003
14 6
An ugly short boy who got banned from YT and continues to make alters.
Arr! It's Captain Trips of the Mullet! Run away, mi laddies.
by nnn February 15, 2005
10 9