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Captain Perversion can be defined into two definitions:

1) A very annoying person who invades everyone's space, usually is a little pissant with no friends. Or-
2)A person obsessed with the sexual anatomy. Usually get their asses handed to them on a regular basis.
Stan: Hey Stacy! while I was spying on you from your bathroom window last night after you took a shower, I took a whole bunch of pics of your naked boobs and mailed them to your house! I kept a couple for myself, of course, but anyway, will you talk to me now?

Stacy: Get the FUCK away from me! (runs off)

Paul: Good goin', Captain Perversion, you just creeped her out AND invaded her space at the same time. Way to go.

Stan: Fuck off, Paul.
by Spatchmo June 10, 2009
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