a mythical creature said to live at the maplewood middle school. Wearing all pink he saves the not fabulous from certain doom. he will say captttttain fabbbulous before saving somebody.
do you think Captain Fabulous exists.
by BigSwavy December 31, 2012
Top Definition
When Captain Falcon dons his white muscle-suit, pink gloves, pink boots, and screws on his nipple-caps extra tight, he becomes Captain Fabulous.

An alternate costume for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Be sure to use his taunt at every opportunity for added innuendo. It's still the best taunt in the game, fabulous or not.
Smasher #1: *loses* You're fucking gay.

Smasher #2: *wins* Not nearly as gay as Captain Fabulous raping your Fox just now.
by M. Reardon October 30, 2007
Captain Falcon in his pink outfit.
You say captain fabulous like 'CAPTAAAIINNNNNN FFAAABBBUULLOOUUS' in a flamboyant voice
by lsmnonekj cljanipdjpqmd; March 25, 2011

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