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A 3D film that was played in every Disneyland across the world. The show was usually located in Tomorrow land. It was a spaceopera that many fans enjoyed. The running span started in September 1986 and was removed during the child molestation allegations in July 1994. The film is about a Young Michael Jackson who plays as "Captain EO" with wild space crew. Space crew consisted of Fuzzball (that little squirrel looking butterfly thing) double headed pilot Idee and odee, Robotic Officer Major domo and also minor domo. And last but not least the clumsy elephant Hooter who always manages to miss things up for the crews missions.

The crew is looking for a beacon until they were chased by some enemy fighters. To make a long story short they are there to convert an evil princess into a sweet beautiful princess which they successfully accomplish by the end of the short film. It was an awesome film that I always hoped would one day go to video but never did. On top of that no soundtrack was released by the songs were later placed on one of Michael Jacksons compilations. We will miss you and your work Michael Jackson may you always be revered as the greatest artist of all time.
oh shit fucking Michael Jackon in a wanna be thriller space opera called Captain EO with a fuzzy 3d ball that has butterfly wings, oh shit I love this film!
by Mr.Pash June 28, 2009
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