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1. An extremely bizarre cartoon super-villain created about 1998. The name is often imitated on internet forums and in chat groups by zealous, demented fans.
2. Any person claiming to be immortal and/or unstoppable, much like Captain Apocalypse.
3. Any person claiming to possess a large black penis of variable length and girth even though said person is of caucasian appearance, much like Captain Apocalypse.
1. Dewd, I'm totally betting my pizza money on the All-Time Super Heavyweight Champion of the Universe, Captain Apocalypse!
2. Level 96 tank-mages are strong but they're no Captain Apocalypse.
3. White boy #1: Suck my big black dick.
White boy #2: Suck mine, Cap.
by Captain Apocalypse August 13, 2004
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