crackhead; junkie
A capper broke into my car last night and took my GPS.
by liquidassnotice January 12, 2009
A girl who invites a girl over to her place and nothing happens.
Man, don't even talk to Jennifer. I went over there last night and nothing happened. She's a capper.
by sugeknight February 19, 2008
The only way to take a mark in AFL.
Used by commentators when he took a mark "Capper"

Or used to describe the act of speccy marks "I was taking Cappers across the half forward line all day"
by Timbo69 June 20, 2007
Short version of "handicapper", someone "handicapped", someone who acts just like a handicapper, being stupid.
"Oh my god your such a capper!"
Oh my god your such a idiot!
by J1000 November 19, 2010
to flop your dick out. I made this word up because a famous Aussie footballer Warwick capper went on Celebrity Big Brother (Aussie edition) and flopped his dick out in front of two of the female celebs because and got kicked out of the house as a result.
When going to the toilet, you'd capper and piss.
by bread infection October 22, 2005
Capper is a person who wont stop talking, or talking to you. The type of man who comes over and says 'speek inglsh preety laydee?' The type of girl who say 'Heather has put onnnnnnnn so muuuuuch weight dont you think, like, whateverrrrrr'. A fool.
David : Look, i can totally do an olly...or is a narlly..or..wait, just look at how much my jeans cost me..girls, over here! I can get really drunk on cheap ass beer aswell. Did I mention im,like, totally stoned right now? I hate the world and write bad poems about how much I want to cut myself. If i use my moms make up i can be cool as sheep aswell....

Hazel: Man, that guy is a total capper

Evelyn : I agree. Lets Laugh.

Hazel: Im up for that. 'Hahahahaha'

Evelyn: 'Hahahaha'
by Hazel November 11, 2004
handicap, retard, cabbage
Dink you are a capper
by James Williams January 20, 2004

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