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we will outdrink, outfuck, and outparty all of you bitches
summer time cape cod
by cape guys rock May 07, 2005
fucking chillest guys on the planet, always ready to have a good time, love chilling with girls and 95% of cape cod guys love sports
BHS, CBA, Main Street, and all the parties
by Tom W May 06, 2005
good hearted, fisherman, alcoholics that live for their beer. Hate tourists but we encourage you to leave your daughters. Drive around with barefeet, no shirts, don't give a fuck attitude. Gentlemen in mind but scumbags at heart. Bonfires, a 6er, and a fishing pole. Our home is your vacation bitch.
Cape Guys are the shit that don't worry about time wasted. Only we are wasted.
#laid back #down to earth #chill #the shit #outdrink this
by number24bitch December 29, 2005
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