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A small race of people with mixed skin colour, referred to as coloureds in South Africa. NB: This is a non-racist term.

Cape coloureds are found in Cape Town especially and are wonderfully vibrant, strong people. A typical Cape coloured speaks fluent 'Kombuis'(kitchen) Afrikaans; this is the informal more English version on Afrikaans.

They have notible accents, never ever get on their bad side. If you ever meet a bitchy coloured girl or a sleazy coloured guy, you'll know why. They are the toughest race on the planet and can 'wys' you just like that.
An English accent: I like to got to Paris but I think it's just a phase I'll grow out of.

A typical Cape Coloured accent: I lyke to goh to Parr-ACE but I think is jus a f-ACE I'll groh out of.
by Marie February 11, 2005
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