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Slang for Canada; nothing to do with Pat whoever in 2002. It refers to the fact we live in a socialist, almost communist state. It is a warning for all who care for their liberty or freedom to stay away. Unless you like the government being your mother.
Living in Canukistan means giving all your hard earned money to some lame government program you do not support; Canukistan!
by Free State Project December 12, 2012
A derogatory nickname for Canada; "Canuck" being a nickname for a Canadian and "istan" making reference to middle eastern countries. The name exists due to the rapidly increasing middle eastern immigrant population. A notable city is Brampton, referred to as Bramladesh
1. "Why visit Pakistan when we can just go to Canukistan?"
2. Bob "Where'd the white people go?"

Jim "We're not in Canada any more, this is Canukistan"
by nrsrrox July 30, 2012
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