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A beautiful town in East Massachusetts, right below Boston, surrounded by the towns of Sharon, Milton, Stoughton, and Randolph, and is a stone's toss from Boston, capital of Massachusetts. Canton is most famous for it's large viaduct--a stone bridge designed to carry trains across heights--and it's home to Paul Revere's famous copper mill.

Canton, MA is home to a few actresses, and the author of the book that inspired the 2010 film, The Town.

Canton is also filled with a number of bodies of water--rivers, waterfalls, and ponds--and houses the company Reebok's headquarters. It is also the only town that has a high school containing both a bar and a kindergarten/preschool on the premise.
Did you know that actress Caroline is from Canton, MA?
#canton #cnaton #cantno #massachusetts #boston #caroline #paul revere
by Carlie Elizabeth October 08, 2010
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