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Someone who does something wrong or against the rules for a long period of time and then quits and tells on others doing the same thing.
Adam: "Dude, both me and Dave took off 10 sick days last month! This month hes decided to be good about it and now hes ratting on me for calling in sick too much!"
Josh:"Wow dude, hes just being a Canseco right now. He got what he wanted out of it and now hes the informant"
by Cheezedadadada January 26, 2010
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A paid informant. No one respects them, except tools. Used as verb or noun or because of lack of self-respect and/or trueness to the game.
Ronnie straight-out canseco-ed Sean and Dustin i.e. he is a straight punk-ass canseco bitch.
by the ocelot January 31, 2006
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