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Commonly known as "The Acedemy For Our Community", CCHS boasts a whopping 11% pass rate for their A-Level examinations, along with gum-infested underdesks, toilets that have cigarette air fresheners, and a management system similar to that of the Zimbabwe economy ministry.
Whilst the image of the school is more important to the headteacher (who shares a name with the protagonist of an advertisement for a certain cleaning product), the place doesn't seem more appetising to prospective students and parents alike than the rear end of a monkey. If said students should be enforced by their parents to attend, they will be successfully be transformed into rude, chavvy delinquents who will stand less chance of gaining qualifications than a hobo.
University interviewer: "So, where did you graduate from?"
Student: "Cannock Chase High School."
University interviewer: "Lolwut."
by GoddamnOverlord November 27, 2011
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