Illest Emcee Ever To Flow In The Universe!
You Almost As Ill As Canibus
by Tekno-Logik March 08, 2003
tha best freestyler/artist in da whole industry
"I luv ya Canibus!"
by nati February 25, 2004
A man before his time. Superb lyrics, great flow.
Canibus is eating MCs 3 times a day from 1996.
by Egill Skallagrimsson December 07, 2006
Mr. 1337 him self. You hear its out there he would know
hey canibus can u hook me up
by mymusic March 06, 2003
A vehicle (usually a bus or van) used for hotboxing.
Lets hop on the cani bus and go get ripped!
by Gur March 11, 2008
The illest rapper ever. He's definitely not tacky, unsophisticated, and just not G.
Person 1: Canibus is the worst rapper I've ever heard.

Person 2: Shut up fool, dat nigga can out-rap you any day of the week.
by ogderp February 28, 2012
A alien/machine hybrid pretending to be a MC hip hop rapper, his exact origin is unsure ... his songs ands visual imagery offer cause brain damage to those of lesser intelligence, and cause even more damage to those who do understand them and attempt to decipher them.
These rhymes resemble knots being tied to time lines,
Becomes a nonlinear noose that will snap your mind,
FIRST! Sever your spine!

The music is layered, not computer generated,
A human made it to satisfy unusual cravings,
The mystic in a room with crystal walls & floors,
Looking into a crystal quartz orb, reciting lyrical law,
That cause warm feeling sensations precipitating from the finger tips,
To the arms, to the lips, to the jaws,
To a gold tongue that spits to the tone of the drum,
With the oxygen that flows down the throat to the lungs,
Till every color of my Chakra glows brighter than the Sun,
YOU and I become WE, WE become ONE!
And the Clarity of �C� ingularity has begun,

Combinatrix, anything of this persuasion is considered ageless,

Beyond time displacement of space & spaceships in oasis,
Beyond the reach of human contemplation,
Through my music, magic, and inoculated interaction,
Rip The Jacker shows you the future in fragments,

Warning, listening to Canibus after smoking might drive you insane.
by TheWatcher917 December 02, 2010
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