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What happens when Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel sees a large aisle of candy in an American supermarket.
Candygasm sounds like:"Ooh, this is so delicious- absolutely perfect.. and full of chemicals! Delicious!" *various moaning noises* "oh, my god, oh, ja, mmmm"

see on youtube: "Tokio Hotel TV (episode 41): Shopping Madness with Bill!" around 2:26.
by DasIstGelogen April 24, 2009
When you eat a bunch of candy and it feels really good. You say to yourself, fuck being healthy, I ate an apple today, that's enough for me. Then you proceed to eat half a bag of candy and feel so good that you go to sleep.
this afternoon I was hungry and I found some candy. It was such a candygasm.
by where am i? April 05, 2005
When you have candy in your mouth and you get horny on Habbo Hotel
by Blakem.7 February 13, 2009
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