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A woman who is wonderful in every way until she hurts her man, then she runs away instead of showing she is sorry even though she may have said she was sorry. A Candy Hart is usually honest but since she comes from the school of thought that women cannot admit fault or pay restitution for faults...she will begin a long streak of lies and cover ups in order to avoid facing her mistakes and learning humility. In this scenario she will not only become addicted to lying but actually start to believe them herself. She has problems staying the course and will vacillate back and forth on her loyalty and allow people to convince her to let go of things she fought to have fiercely.
Sadly a Candy Hart will squander her beauty for years if it requires her to swallow her pride.
Girl: " I never really loved him anyway"

Mentor: "Honey, we both know that's not better wake up and remember what's important or you will accidentally Candy Hart this whole situation. You don't want that!"

Girl: "I love him but I'm not in love with him anymore.."

Mentor: " Welcome to life sweetie... relationships that have the greatest endings, had to overcome the temptation to Candy Hart at some's never a reason to give up and allow darkness into your Heart. Its where they get that term Candy remind us that it's sweet on the other side if you face your fears and keep your promises"
by broknbyselfshgrl April 09, 2010
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