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Person who cancels previously established plans often. A modern or metropolitan phenomena, bunny cancelling has arisen due to the endless availability of better options. Frequently common in socially active groups, this modern phenomena is not tied to specific gender, age, or sexual orientation and can be attributed to night-life recuperation, fatigue, overbooking one's calendar, any slight inconvenience, or avoidance of specific attendees of a planned event. Contrary to the "cancel bunny's" own beliefs, the cancel bunny often disappoints friends and family by cancelling frequently, often without a legitimate reason. The cancel bunny often talks about cancelling to the same individuals he or she has cancelled on during prior events. The cancel bunny is often confused with the gym bunny in some highly socialized groups.
John was gonna come to the party and bring more drinks, but he bailed at the last minute. He's being a "cancel bunny" and probably bounced on to something he liked better.
by Spydamunkey August 15, 2013
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