Capital city of Australia, suffers from hot summers and cold winters, and a severe lack of water.

One of the few cities in Australia planned before being expanded from it's foundations, this shows with Canberra's very wide flat spear out apearance. It has virtually no high-rise buildings, and an abundance of trees and shurbs.

It is commonly refered to as the "Bush Capital" becouse it is so well integrated with the surrounding australian fauna and flora.

Kangaroos are protected within the ACT (The Australian Capital Territory, the state in which Canberra resides in) so road accidents involving Kangaroos are very common.

Commonly refered to as the biggest "hole" in Australia, but only by those who have not visited it, and base their argument purly on the lack of a large CBD.
Sydney is commonly mistaken as the capital of australia by a large percentage of americans, and Canberra has only recently been mentioned in international news becouse of the Bushfires that affected it.
by NewName August 27, 2004
The city of Canberra was settled in 1789 by Sir Arthur Canberra while seeking out the perfect location for owners of the now legendary BMW 6 series to live and drive their vehicles.

When designing the city, much thought was given to this superior vehicle, and there are E24 only lanes throughout the city in which to commute and thus avoid the hindrance of other less capable vehicles.

The city itself when seen from an aerial vantage point resembles a large race track, similar in concept to the Nürburgring, though predating it by 130 years.
Canberra, there really is no better place in the world for owners of the BMW 6 series!
by Choadie January 23, 2009
The city that always sleeps.
Idiot: I'm going to have fun in Canberra
Canberran: How?
by Canberran January 15, 2011
If Australia was a donut, Canberra would be the hole.
Man 1: Canberra is so boring
Man 2: yeah, it's such a hole
by Alexis01 April 24, 2014
place. Australian resort town with plenty of elbow room and a sheila on every arm. Too right mate! Foster rooms abound on the kanga tracks and drovers watch cricket all the bleeding night!. Makes Sydney look like a Wally's wedding!

Home to the Shepherds! Only the best Aussie Rules side ever!

Canberra Canberra Canberra Ho! Jumbuck's spit it's time to go!

Do you even like Aussie Rules mate? Or do you just like drinking?
by gnostic1 October 14, 2012
What people in small country towns call a small country town.
My friend went to broken hill and said he was from Canberra. They replied isn't that a small country town?
by Hollie Socks (Herro it's me!) March 26, 2012
The biggest hole known to man. Even the politicians don't stay for long, and no one outside of Australia knows that it exists.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm going to Canberra this weekend.
Guy 2: WHY?!
Guy 1: They're having an Impressionists exhibition.
Guy 2: Why don't you just save up and go see it in Paris?!
by BreathingCompass February 05, 2010

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