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A maneuver in which one briefly drives on the wrong side of a divided highway in order to enter a driveway without having to take a u-turn.
Traffic looks clear, use the Canadian Blowjob.
by cxo December 12, 2007
14 57
When a man pours maple syrup all over another man's penis, dresses him in flannel, takes him to a Tim Horton's bathroom, and gives a blow job.
Marty: How are you feeling tonight Ed?
Ed: What are you talking aboot?
Marty: Nothing, but I would love a Canadian Blow Job right now.
Ed: Well, we are at Tim Horton's, so suck me off. Pour some maple syrup down my cock, eh?
Marty: Eh?
Ed: Eh!!
by Barney F. January 17, 2010
44 25
the act of inserting an ice cube in your mouth and proceeding to commit oral sex upon your partner during an intense hockey game.
Ya i heard she gave Mr. Ye a Canadian Blowjob, so now hes got frostbite on his dick
by aznblaze March 26, 2012
11 1
When a woman blows her nose during intercourse.
My girlfriend has a cold, I stand a good chance of getting a canadian blowjob tonight.
by Trevorino May 06, 2011
7 6
N.) A northern blowjob involving ice and maple syrup.

Related to the Zamboni, and Rusty Zamboni
Example: Things got hot and heavy with Sarah last night, then she broke out the ice and maple syrup and turned me into a frozen pancake. Canadian blowjobs are awesome.
by Artic Thunder Hooser September 29, 2013
2 3
Oral Sex that involves a lot of teeth and isn't enjoyable
Matt is in a grumpy mood because he got a Canadian Blowjob last night
by Hairy H February 28, 2010
6 18