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When one is sticking one's meat stick in a girl's pooper, and the girl's father walks in and catches you balls deep in her browneye. You then whip out your man beef, and slap the gentleman across his face with your muddy stick so as to teach him a lesson.
One of the most embarrasing things happened last night, dude. I was pluggin my girl's mud highway, and her father walked in.

Dude, what did you do?

I gave him the ol' Canadian Back Hoe, of course!
by Crappy Diaper April 10, 2008

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When you have buttsex with a chick and pull out and wipe your penis on her father
I fucked this chick last night, but couldn't finish off untill dad came in.I beat him down and gave him the Ol' Canadian Backhoe
by Crappy Diaper August 31, 2006