What, Canada actually has armed forces now?

Now that I never knew...

What do they use them for, like keeping maple leafs safe or something?

And by the way- Canada NEVER invaded America and burnt the White House. That was the British forces advancing through their territory of Canada, you fuckup. So don't go thinking you've got one up on anyone because really, both America and Canada were Brittannia's bitches at one point. Canada still is, however. You're not out of the Commonwealth yet. That goes for you too, Australia. And you India. And New Zealand. And.......... etc
Hey, did you know that all milk cartons in Canada have the word "HOMO" up the side of them? No, really.

I never knew the Canadian Armed Forces even existed. I thought they had a mountain rangers goof troop, or something like that.
by OiOiBoy June 20, 2006
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