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Also known as Hockey, this game was originally played outdoors when in the Winter months, fresh water lakes would freeze. This allowed Canucks to strap metal blades onto their feet and slide around on the icy pond while chasing after and trying to hit a biscuit into a goal with a funny looking stick. Players of the game often slam into each other and get into fights while attempting to gain control of said biscuit. For the most part, the game is now played inside on an artificial ice skating rink, but is occasionally played outside. Somehow, this game made its way to the United States, although 90%* or more of the players on its teams are also made up of Canuckistanians.

*this statistic is a rectal extraction
Dude 1: You watching the Stars game later?
Dude 2: Nah. I don't really watch Canadian Snow Soccer, though it is far more entertaining than Soccer.
by FarkinFarker January 16, 2008
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