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When standing up, tuck your balls and dick between your legs (some call it a fruit basket) and pee. The urine will trickle down the inside of your legs, giving you an amazing warming sensation. Doing this in the shower is the cleanest option, but if your cold enough, anywhere else will do.
Tom: Man, i'm freezing!

Bob: Just do a Canadian Legwarmer, it'll warm you up!

Tom: Ahhhh, you're right, this feels great!!
by sandyclam August 14, 2011
Plastic bags, worn over socks and under boots in an effort to keep one's feet dry. Particularly useful if you have zippers on the outside of your boots, as they are useless in keeping one's feet dry. Wet feet will freeze. Even the warmest, most expensive boots available won't keep your feet warm once you've broken through thin ice to the water below, which you may not see at all under snow.
Sheila was ready for anything in her kodiaks and Canadian legwarmers.
by bzmummy May 11, 2016
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