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When a nude, (sometimes) unshaven women does a handstand. This is followed by a guy placing a thinly sliced piece of ham over the woman's pussy and while still in her upside-down, handstand position, the guy fingers her through the ham inducing female ejaculate. After some time and the female has orgasmed, it is customary for the guy consume the ham.
Rachel: Hey Billy, look at me! I am doing a handstand!

Billy: Wait right there you scummy bitch, this is a perfect opportunity for a Canadian Hamstand. Take off your tattered clothes while I get the Ham!

Rachel: Oh sounds great, Billy! I havent even shaved my puss since the fucking Carter administration.

Billy: Shut the fuck up you repulsive whore. Just hurry up and come so I can eat this ham!
by Donny Boy February 16, 2012
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