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Canadian Envy occurs when Canadians feel the urge to try and compare every part of their life to Americans, in an effort to make themselves feel better and more important to the world.
Canadian Dave: "You damn Americans with your world renowned universities, hospitals, and prominence! I wish the world cared if Canada existed, however, I will continue to put down America to make myself feel like the world might someday care aboot me!"

American Mike: "Dude, Canadian Dave, you have government run health care but we have better hospitals and better care! Besides, the world would crumble without America; and nobody would even know if Canada fell off the face of the Earth. Typical Canadian Envy. Hey European Joe, can you believe this Canadian bastard?"

European Joe: "What's Canada? Seems unimportant and irrelevant to the worlds existence and function."
by Canada Who? February 22, 2011
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